The Three Modern Ways To Use Keywords In Your Marketing Strategies

Everyone hid keywords in their website so Google and Yahoo!, two of the world’s first search engines, found them quickly. Each marketer competed with another for the ultimate goal of reaching higher traffic and the capability to earn more by serving more ads than others.

Today, things are many times different. The three modern ways to use keywords do not involve hiding them in images (but instead using them as alternative text.

Webpage Optimisation

Perhaps this is the easiest of the three since beginners often use it. Place your chosen keyword on your main title or SEO title tag. Include it in your meta description. Make it part of the image filename or use it as an alt text in case the image does not load. Use it in the first paragraph of your content and sprinkle them naturally all over your post.

Finding New Topics

Have a shortage of swipe file topics? Don’t worry, use your keywords. But let’s make it easier

First, create an article the niche would probably enjoy based on your observation. You must write and develop it in a natural and informative manner.

Next, research keywords for your industry then shape your current article relative to the keyword. This makes it a lot easier to repurpose content.

Old School Branding

Keywords are like taglines. Long-tail keywords are definitely taglines. Use them effectively in your article, on your social media posts and in other places. Niche audience would pick up and associate the keywords with your website, making the citation of your keyword easy search engine traffic.

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