Is Link Juice Still Relevant Today?

Six or seven years ago, website owners and private blog networks used article directories and bought countless domains in the battle for link juice. Taking the citation flow into perspective, trust wasn’t much an issue back then.

Google has long since updated its algorithm plenty of times to combat keyword stuffing and other strategies that cause irrelevant or even “junk” websites to appear in the first search engine results page. Link juice is still holding strong. But the quality of website must be genuine.

I’ve taken a test to see which type of website could offer better link juice. I created a WordPress website with almost non-factual content but written in a personal manner and a website with accurate content and useful information.

The results definitely indicate that link juice is still a driving force with Google’s algorithm. The algorithm favours websites with useful content and appearing as proper websites.

But despite such, I saw a drop in well-designed websites with poor domain powers. This means the domains’ earlier powers involving trust and citation flow needed the trust portion to be higher. The higher, the more expensive, yet the more useful

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