Is Google Giving Unfair Advantage To Internet Dot Words? Hmmm…

When you’re knowledgeable about SEO, you could fund an entire company and create an industry around it. But what happens when the company behind search engines starts playing favourites?

That’s the case with Google. While it has sworn neutrality in giving search ranking advantages to new top-level internet domains, nobody believes them. As an SEO expert, I want to say myself that I don’t like the way Google is playing its cards.

The story started in 2012 when an anonymous company CEO said that new top-level domains could play down dot-coms and may level up the unlaunched top-level domains. Web Spam Head Matt Cutts from Google said these are false accusations. His statement declares Google plays fair and is creating algorithms that would rank new TLDs appropriately.

He also said Google does not expect new TLDs to have any initial preference over dot-coms.

It does make sense because if you’re searching for (dot)food, and you searched “London’s Best Food” in Google, you’d want to see websites relevant to the food industry. But it also goes par with because it is highly relevant for the search.

It is indeed a conundrum that no one has any possible fix to, but then again, it’s possible that balance can strike at any time. But we sure hope that Google isn’t playing favourites at all.

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