Google Faces Trouble With Business Who Claimed It Was ‘Wiped Out’

SEO company e-Ventures WorldWide LLC, which has five global offices in London, said Google had deleted its websites from the Google Search index. When it created new websites, Google had blocked them, claims the company.

The company submitted its claim to a Florida District Court.

Google had responded that it had the right of editing its Google Search results. According to American law, the First Amendment allows any individual to modify any of their properties at any point howsoever.

But Judge John Steele said Google will need to have more arguments because Google had not acted in good faith. Without good faith, it would mean Google acted beyond liability from the CDA.

E ventures said:

“Google hopes that third parties pay Google to be ranked higher in Google’s search results, and e-ventures hopes that third parties pay an SEO provider, instead of Google, to achieve the same result. (Id.) Plaintiff alleges that as a result, Google has an anti-competitive, economic motivation to eliminate the visibility of e-ventures’ websites on its search engine results.”

It’s a bit scary stuff because companies like Google will indeed use any law to protect its interests as much as we’ve feared.

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