Three Important Internet Marketing Trends To Know In 2016

It’s a new year and it’s the beginning of learning new things about Internet marketing and the trends thereof. Our £1 trillion yearly industry is growing and evolving at a very fast rate. With more clients than we could handle coming our way, it is best we come up with solutions. Identifying what’s useful for this year is an essential part of it.

Mobile Apps/Mobile Social Messengers

Mobile applications have increased their capability this year. Mobile smartphones have become more affordable and increasingly useful. With capability to access the Internet almost anywhere, using a mobile app allows companies to connect with their customers at any time.

There would be five times more mobile phones than computers in the following year. There would be social messaging apps developed, giving companies the capability to respond to consumers faster at any time.

Fast Load-Websites

Urban locations and cities have virtually fast and free internet. However, remote locations have limited signal, which can cause trouble when loading services and sites.

Fast loading pages will still dominate Internet marketing in 2016. It’s been known to reduce customer bounce rates for websites and for good reason.

Video Continues Its Dominance

Videos have become the best medium to communicate in the Internet. Social media marketing continues to prove its capability to be a mainstream marketing funnel where online video can allow consumers to consume content faster. This is also due to a possible reality predicted by analysts that people would slowly move away from TV to online video streaming.

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