Shareable Content as Domain Authority Juicer

If you can give someone expert or useful working advice on anything, that person will consider you an authority on the subject.

In the Internet, the more root domains or unique websites link back to you, the more you become an authority on the subject. The more topic-related sites link to you, the better your domain authority.

So you must concentrate on creating a shareable story. To do so? You must invest time in these three things.


Shareable content is a story that your audience can relate to and find useful at the same time. Observe Elite Daily.

The posts in Elite Daily cater to the millenial struggling with life and their own set of difficulties from personal to professional issues. Their audience can empathise with their writers and the writers provide a ‘ listening ear’ feeling or even solutions to improve such situations.


But Elite Daily readers only cater to the millenial. For elders, it would not be anything.

If you want your content shared all throughout the Internet including news companies, renowned news blogs and even famous bloggers, it must be something that affects everyone yet it offers a unique perspective or quality to such.

For example, a cartoonish or dark-humoured explanation about your research on taxes, which affects a huge UK bloc can gain fame and get picked up by news websites.

Easy to Digest

The only solution for readability is only when the readers themselves find the content easy to read.

The copy should be subject to A/B tests where the best content is displayed. This goes true for all design and other aspects of your post.

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