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Why Internet Marketing Can Work For Your Business

December 24, 2012

The many forms of marketing, television,print ads and radio commercials, are very helpful when it comes to increasing your business presence in different areas of your market. However, these can be quite expensive especially for television advertisements. Internet marketing is a great option for any business because of the following. 1. Internal Management to Later […]

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Whiplash Claim Guidelines Can Be More Difficult in Future

December 13, 2012

Insurance industry analysts state that the new whiplash claim guidelines can make things more time-consuming than the existing system. The new implementations in the whiplash injury claim guidelines, which serve to allow real whiplash injuries to pass for claiming and severely question and investigate seemingly fraud or suspicious claims, may have to wait a little […]

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Ceeney: Banks Still Not Doing Their Job Well

December 13, 2012

Financial Ombudsman Chief Natalie Ceeney blasts banks about their delays and attempted “clogging” of the PPI claims process. She also says that banks are rejecting claims that are valid based on the FOS expert’s details about the claim, meaning that banks are not doing a good job of investigating customer claims properly. Claims Standards Council […]

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SEO: The Basic Things to Know

December 13, 2012

Search engine optimization is a great way to begin learning about Internet marketing as implementing it does great efficacy to improving website value and importance for search engines. A great fraction of Internet users today make use of Google as a starting point in finding the information they need. A good knowledge of how Google […]

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