Shareable Content as Domain Authority Juicer

If you can give someone expert or useful working advice on anything, that person will consider you an authority on the subject.

In the Internet, the more root domains or unique websites link back to you, the more you become an authority on the subject. The more topic-related sites link to you, the better your domain authority.

So you must concentrate on creating a shareable story. To do so? You must invest time in these three things.


Shareable content is a story that your audience can relate to and find useful at the same time. Observe Elite Daily.

The posts in Elite Daily cater to the millenial struggling with life and their own set of difficulties from personal to professional issues. Their audience can empathise with their writers and the writers provide a ‘ listening ear’ feeling or even solutions to improve such situations.


But Elite Daily readers only cater to the millenial. For elders, it would not be anything.

If you want your content shared all throughout the Internet including news companies, renowned news blogs and even famous bloggers, it must be something that affects everyone yet it offers a unique perspective or quality to such.

For example, a cartoonish or dark-humoured explanation about your research on taxes, which affects a huge UK bloc can gain fame and get picked up by news websites.

Easy to Digest

The only solution for readability is only when the readers themselves find the content easy to read.

The copy should be subject to A/B tests where the best content is displayed. This goes true for all design and other aspects of your post.

Is Link Juice Still Relevant Today?

Six or seven years ago, website owners and private blog networks used article directories and bought countless domains in the battle for link juice. Taking the citation flow into perspective, trust wasn’t much an issue back then.

Google has long since updated its algorithm plenty of times to combat keyword stuffing and other strategies that cause irrelevant or even “junk” websites to appear in the first search engine results page. Link juice is still holding strong. But the quality of website must be genuine.

I’ve taken a test to see which type of website could offer better link juice. I created a WordPress website with almost non-factual content but written in a personal manner and a website with accurate content and useful information.

The results definitely indicate that link juice is still a driving force with Google’s algorithm. The algorithm favours websites with useful content and appearing as proper websites.

But despite such, I saw a drop in well-designed websites with poor domain powers. This means the domains’ earlier powers involving trust and citation flow needed the trust portion to be higher. The higher, the more expensive, yet the more useful

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Google Faces Trouble With Business Who Claimed It Was ‘Wiped Out’

SEO company e-Ventures WorldWide LLC, which has five global offices in London, said Google had deleted its websites from the Google Search index. When it created new websites, Google had blocked them, claims the company.

The company submitted its claim to a Florida District Court.

Google had responded that it had the right of editing its Google Search results. According to American law, the First Amendment allows any individual to modify any of their properties at any point howsoever.

But Judge John Steele said Google will need to have more arguments because Google had not acted in good faith. Without good faith, it would mean Google acted beyond liability from the CDA.

E ventures said:

“Google hopes that third parties pay Google to be ranked higher in Google’s search results, and e-ventures hopes that third parties pay an SEO provider, instead of Google, to achieve the same result. (Id.) Plaintiff alleges that as a result, Google has an anti-competitive, economic motivation to eliminate the visibility of e-ventures’ websites on its search engine results.”

It’s a bit scary stuff because companies like Google will indeed use any law to protect its interests as much as we’ve feared.

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Three Ways To Create The Best Brand Outreach Campaign

The company has its website set up. All the pages are sending the right messages to their clients. Everything looks ready to go.

Now, the website is online, but there’s no one to read the content just yet. Companies must now strive to reach out to their customers.

You won’t need TV or radio to advertise. You can do these three brand outreach best practices to help you get started.

Be Helpful

Using a representative, join a forum. The representative will in no way represent your company and your products or services. The representatives goal is to help individuals in the forums regarding problems related to products and services similar to yours.

With their informativeness and helpfulness, people can trust them.

Add Value

The representative can then post instructions about dismantling certain products that you manufacture or services that you provide. Teaching hacks and ways to provide better efficiency shows forum members that the individual is crafty, trustworthy and resourceful. These traits are essential for forums that want to add value to their website.

Don’t Expose Yourself

However, it is important that the representative does not expose him or herself to the public. Instead, the representative could claim he or she had been recognised by the company and has offered him or her a position. In this manner, he or she can funnel sales into your company provided he or she will personally assist the individual from the forums.

Three Important Internet Marketing Trends To Know In 2016

It’s a new year and it’s the beginning of learning new things about Internet marketing and the trends thereof. Our £1 trillion yearly industry is growing and evolving at a very fast rate. With more clients than we could handle coming our way, it is best we come up with solutions. Identifying what’s useful for this year is an essential part of it.

Mobile Apps/Mobile Social Messengers

Mobile applications have increased their capability this year. Mobile smartphones have become more affordable and increasingly useful. With capability to access the Internet almost anywhere, using a mobile app allows companies to connect with their customers at any time.

There would be five times more mobile phones than computers in the following year. There would be social messaging apps developed, giving companies the capability to respond to consumers faster at any time.

Fast Load-Websites

Urban locations and cities have virtually fast and free internet. However, remote locations have limited signal, which can cause trouble when loading services and sites.

Fast loading pages will still dominate Internet marketing in 2016. It’s been known to reduce customer bounce rates for websites and for good reason.

Video Continues Its Dominance

Videos have become the best medium to communicate in the Internet. Social media marketing continues to prove its capability to be a mainstream marketing funnel where online video can allow consumers to consume content faster. This is also due to a possible reality predicted by analysts that people would slowly move away from TV to online video streaming.

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Analysing Google’s New Search Algorithm “RankBrain”

Early this year, Google had shut down plenty of websites not optimised for mobile viewing. Called “Mobilegeddon” by the Internet marketing community, renowned websites, even those with valid, useful information, saw their rankings slump to the floor. Meanwhile, those who survived knew better to stay updated with Google’s activities


Now, there’s this new algorithm, or rather search engine algorithm component Google calls “RankBrain”. I know, it sounds scary. But after reading this, you won’t be.

Advanced Relevant Search Engine AI

RankBrain is an artificial intelligence developed by Google’s search engine developers, which they announced in October 26.

According to Google, RankBrain’s AI “embeds vast amounts of written language into mathematical entities called ‘vectors’ that the computer can understand.” Google’s Senior Research Scientist Greg Corrado elaborates:

“If RankBrain sees a word or phrase it isn’t familiar with, the machine can make a guess as to what words or phrases might have a similar meaning and filter the result accordingly, making it more effective at handling never-before-seen search queries.”

So far, it is handling about 15 per cent of Google’s search queries on a daily basis. However, it won’t replace the search engine’s original algorithm. Instead, it would search for relevant content that do not contain the exact words in a search query, handling ‘more complex searches’ which the search engine algorithm might not be primed to handle in the future.

Writing For Humans

Analysts said RankBrain will still work with links in finding relevant content, making them the most important signal of all. RankBrain is the third-most important ranking signal.

Studies have shown that Google has roughly 200 search signals that determine results possibly matching keywords searches and the hierarchy of search results in the first SERP.

At this point we advise Internet marketing and SEO to focus more on writing quality content and writing for humans, using relevant links where necessary as RankBrain can determine content optimised for algorithms only.


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The Three Modern Ways To Use Keywords In Your Marketing Strategies

Everyone hid keywords in their website so Google and Yahoo!, two of the world’s first search engines, found them quickly. Each marketer competed with another for the ultimate goal of reaching higher traffic and the capability to earn more by serving more ads than others.

Today, things are many times different. The three modern ways to use keywords do not involve hiding them in images (but instead using them as alternative text.

Webpage Optimisation

Perhaps this is the easiest of the three since beginners often use it. Place your chosen keyword on your main title or SEO title tag. Include it in your meta description. Make it part of the image filename or use it as an alt text in case the image does not load. Use it in the first paragraph of your content and sprinkle them naturally all over your post.

Finding New Topics

Have a shortage of swipe file topics? Don’t worry, use your keywords. But let’s make it easier

First, create an article the niche would probably enjoy based on your observation. You must write and develop it in a natural and informative manner.

Next, research keywords for your industry then shape your current article relative to the keyword. This makes it a lot easier to repurpose content.

Old School Branding

Keywords are like taglines. Long-tail keywords are definitely taglines. Use them effectively in your article, on your social media posts and in other places. Niche audience would pick up and associate the keywords with your website, making the citation of your keyword easy search engine traffic.

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Is Google Giving Unfair Advantage To Internet Dot Words? Hmmm…

When you’re knowledgeable about SEO, you could fund an entire company and create an industry around it. But what happens when the company behind search engines starts playing favourites?

That’s the case with Google. While it has sworn neutrality in giving search ranking advantages to new top-level internet domains, nobody believes them. As an SEO expert, I want to say myself that I don’t like the way Google is playing its cards.

The story started in 2012 when an anonymous company CEO said that new top-level domains could play down dot-coms and may level up the unlaunched top-level domains. Web Spam Head Matt Cutts from Google said these are false accusations. His statement declares Google plays fair and is creating algorithms that would rank new TLDs appropriately.

He also said Google does not expect new TLDs to have any initial preference over dot-coms.

It does make sense because if you’re searching for (dot)food, and you searched “London’s Best Food” in Google, you’d want to see websites relevant to the food industry. But it also goes par with because it is highly relevant for the search.

It is indeed a conundrum that no one has any possible fix to, but then again, it’s possible that balance can strike at any time. But we sure hope that Google isn’t playing favourites at all.

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Improving Your Content Readability With 10 Fundamentals

Not everyone understands how readability actually works. Sure, there are some websites that measure these factors and give you an idea why your content is somewhat vague or difficult to read. Readability is more than knowing how to write paragraphs and sentences. It’s also about pacing your readers.

Make sure that your content has a catchy headline, a logical section system, a short but concise explanation of topics and images.

This infographic can definitely explain more.

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Four Factors You’ll Need When Blogging [Infographic]

A company blog is a small investment that goes a long way. Whenever you have content, make sure your text features links in your articles that show related sources and articles with your other online websites, or websites of niche or topic authorities. It’s also very important to make text visually engaging, or at least short.

On the off-content side of things, you must use certain keywords and tags. You could also improve your visibility by making your content sociable and giving your readers able to feel they are part of your blog community.

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